In the Spotlight: Helping Others Live Sober Project! 

So often within the addiction treatment blogosphere we find articles about the hows and whys of addiction. We rarely see articles about the non-profits that are working hard on research that benefits us all. Today, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge a great non-profit project that most of you have probably never heard of: The Helping Others Live Sober Investigation.

Helping Others Live Sober

Helping Others Live Sober

What Is The Helping Others Live Sober Project?

Helping Others Live Sober is a not-for-profit, federally funded project dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts stay sober.  The research is being conducted at the Case Western University Reserve School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry in Cleveland, OH.  It's principle investigator, Dr. Maria Pagano, is recognized as an expert in the application of quantitative methods to study of mutual-help processes of change over time among youth and adults in addiction recovery.

What the Helping Others Live Sober research project aims to do, is to examine the relationship between certain behavioral characteristics on maintaining sobriety. Their first study: Helping Other Alcoholics in Alcoholics Anonymous and Drinking Outcomes: Findings from Project MATCH was first published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

 The study was very complex and recruited 1,726 patients. They collected compelling data that showed a statistically significant relationship between those in recovery that helped others in their recovery and length of sobriety after treatment. I know that is a challenging sentence to absorb, but to summarize, the study showed that if you want to maintain your sobriety, then helping someone else maintain their own might help you in the long run. 

Below is a graph depicting their findings from the study. What this shows, is the proportion of patients not relapsed over time between those that did help others while in treatment and those that did not. As you can see, the findings are spectacular. 

Helping Others Live Sober Study

Proportion not relapsed over time

After publishing these findings, the Helping Others Live Sober Project has gone on to publish 33 addition studies aimed at helping alcoholics and addicts remain sober! 

How Can I Keep Up With Their Other Research?

There are many ways to keep up with their latest projects. I will list them out below:

To conclude, we wanted to spotlight this project in today's post to show the community that there is some great research being done that doesn't involve taking pharmaceutical drugs. Something as simple as becoming involved in helping someone else to maintain their own sobriety can significantly help you in your recovery as well. Please take a moment to visit their website and like them on Facebook if this information has helped you in any way!

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